Educational Professional Services (EPS) provides E-Rate consulting services to idenpent schools, school districts and libraries.

The firm’s founder, Teri Lawrence, has been providing training and support to E-Rate applicants since 1998. She has served on the Louisiana Governor’s E-Rate Oversight Committee, is a former member of State E-Rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA) and assisted in securing $132 million in Katrina funding to help rebuild schools and libraries in the state.

For E-Rate FY 2015-16, we filed E-Rate applications for more than 500 school districts and and libraries. We are also providing support for applicants selected for BCAP audits, as well as, Cost-Effective and Selective Reviews.

Our firm has chosen to work exclusively on the applicant side of E-Rate which enables us to be fully involved in the technology planning and all the E-Rate processes. We are currently accepting new clients for the 2016-17 filing period, and we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so you can maximize your E-rate discounts. 

Why do applicants need an E-Rate Consultant?

The E-Rate application process is complex and can be frightening. No one wants to lose E-Rate funding, but it happens more often than it should. People who began filing E-Rate in 1998 are retiring, moving to other positions or suffering from work overload due to budget cuts in education.

Filing for E-Rate discounts is like filing a corporate tax form. Many of us hire CPAs to do our tax forms because we don’t know all the changes in tax laws or have the time to complete the paperwork — not to mention having someone to represent us in an audit. Hiring an E-Rate Consultant is much the same.

The firm’s founder, Teri Lawrence, has been providing training and support to E-Rate applicants since 1998.

Many schools and libraries don’t have the resources they need to:

  • Attend E-Rate training
  • Research the ever-changing E-Rate eligibility rules
  • Assemble documentation or keep up with the required filing deadlines.

Consequently, many schools are not applying for the significant discounts to which they would be entitled under this program. Even if the application process is completed as required, significant funds are often lost by schools because key forms were not submitted by predetermined deadlines or discounts were not properly applied.

Millions go unclaimed each year due to failure to file B.E.A.R. reimbursements. Filing for E-Rate discounts is like filing a tax form.

It is estimated that billions of dollars in awarded E-Rate discounts have gone unclaimed since the program’s inception. With seasonally high workload, E-rate is not a one-time job but a year-round job.


The founder of EPS, Teri Lawrence, has specialized in the E-Rate Program since the program’s inception in 1998. Her experience includes work as an E-Rate Specialist with Louisiana Resource Center for Educators and the Governor’s Office of Education.

She holds advanced degrees in Electronic Media, Secondary Education, Education Technology and Instructional Design.

While a member of the State E-Rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA), Teri Lawrence represented Louisiana E-Rate applicants. Through SECA, she had the opportunity to serve as an advocate and voice for Louisiana E-Rate applicants.

In 1998, Teri Lawrence, began publishing a quarterly E-Rate newsletter "LaErate.” After 16-years, LaErate continues to provide straight-forward, up to date information on the E-Rate Program and the filing process to serve a list of more than 250 Louisiana E-Rate applicants.

Teri Lawrence has served on the Louisiana Governor’s E-Rate Oversight Committee and co-authored the Hurricane Restoration Assistance Request which resulted in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) "Katrina Order.” Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi received approval of $132 million in E-Rate funding to help rebuild technology in schools and libraries after Hurricane Katrina.

Educational Professional Services (EPS) is Louisiana’s leading E-Rate Consulting firm and has expanding into other areas of the country. EPS is the only E-Rate consulting firm that offers applicants a full service E-Rate consulting solution or a 2-year “mentoring” program designed to train school or library personnel to file on their own.

Whether E-Rate applicants are seeking a full service solution or training of personnel, EPS is dedicated to simplifying the process and ease the stress and fears associated with applying for E-Rate funding. We believe all schools and libraries should be able to access E-Rate while limiting their liability and exposure to random audits and compliance reviews.

EPS recognizes how the complexity of program rules, deadlines and audits are preventing some schools and libraries from accessing E-Rate funding. Those that succeed and get approved, often question whether the maze of follow-up audits and special compliance reviews are worth the effort.

Committed E-Rate Team

Teri Lawrence manages a support staff of experienced E-Rate specialists who are well trained in all aspects of the E-Rate Program. The team strives to ensure all applicants are in compliance with state, local, federal and E-Rate rules.

Appeals, Audits, and Special Compliance

EPS has extensive experience in preparing, organizing and submitting responses to complex E-Rate audits and special compliance reviews. The team has filed many appeals, waivers, and responded to countless special compliance reviews since its inception.